aporia pidgeon

in aporia whilst spelling pidgeon
June 21, 2007, 1:40 pm
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aporia pidgeon introduction

aporia pidgeon is “being spelled” as a cross between pidgin and pigeon

“being spelled” may refer to how a word is spelled out by the letters used to comprise that word for the purposes of reading the word as just that word

“being spelled” may also refer to how a word, thus spelled, may become meaningful over a period of time as a possible name for the purposes of calling that wording by just that name

“being spelled” may happen over time and space and, in particular, through ordinary usage

for example, we might ask how the spelling of aporia pidgeon may become ordinarily used as a tag

or, we might ask how the spelling of aporia pidgeon may ordinarily become used as a brand

or, we might even ask how the (mis)spelling of an ordinary pidgeon may have possibly have come about through aporia

be this by way of on-line, off-line, or simple ordinary (mis)alignment, one thing is for certain

a pidgeon in aporia was here: here; here; and here, though not all (t)here … yet


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looks likes pidgeon ordinarily eats shoots and leaves too? (can we use Capital Letters on this site, btw – or would this not conform to pidgeon?)

Comment by panda

dear panda,
thank you for your punctual commentary – of course you CAN use capital letters, though you may not always do so …

Comment by a pidgeon

punctual commentary? more like pidgeon Eats, Shites & Leaves, eh? ps – Mother may I sneak in a preview here? it’s a link strictly for the purposes of snap shot research and education AFAIK

Comment by a p p

Call these Pidgeon Steps? Or skating on thinEnglish ice? Mine’s with lemon if you’re asking

Comment by GoodChap

well, this all seems to be getting into the spirit of things
one comment from this end, if we may: all uses of the letter “e” tend to be in lowercase these days in order to help distinguish; so as long as we’re all speaking eNglish, aporia has no objection
like the potential for blended overt covert recommendations – word-of-pidgeon trumps word-of-mouth ? might this make for a viable income stream ?
all due credit for this trail of thought to uncle george for inspiring rant btw

Comment by pp. aporia pidgeon

so thinEnglish becomes fick eNglish – yay !

Comment by a p p

or fickSpam becomes fineSpam … ?

Comment by aporia pidgeon

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