aporia pidgeon

forging crucible at source
August 3, 2007, 4:58 pm
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what becomes of materiality

when time is not the issue,

save for that cup of human kindness

that light rocks gently and half full ?

some stone akin to all that glitters

– in crucible at source –

forge feeding on our pidgeons’ calling

material” colo(u)red green unseen


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magic flute, act III
queen of the night, fo(u)rth arya
“honi soit qui mal y pense”


let tyger be year lamb’s mount
dear will: I am;
this time there need be
– no sacrifice –

year word passed between
us, on 10th night last,
o word, made flesh,
in song enthroned, in bliss

only in deep sleep
do we wake (t)hy Lord:
tempt not, in peace nor
– in justice –

smitten with amazement,
dear heart, fall only unto grace

Comment by walther pp. K

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2Mg3Si2O5(OH)4 + 3CO2 ->
Mg3Si4O10(OH)2 + 3MgCO3 + 3H2O

trans. m(a)y puff dragon be here (re)cycled as baby powder, milk of magnesia, and the purest of spring waters blessed be !

Comment by queen of the m(a)y

2H2S + SO2 -> 3S + 2H2O

trans. offering of a little help with the other wise rotten(ed) eggs ma’am, if and only if (un)requited

Comment by blue blood(ed) air apparent

our butterfly genus has just stamped – the (un)slot monk key has commenced – am currently residing in madrid on loan from paris – coup! coup! vive la (re)volution ! – weather’s still being forecast by a fish – really got to go though – my pants are on fire and am head over heals *blush* – yours familiarly – buy buy for now 😉

Comment by aporia pidgeon

In between timed:

Not planned
But spoken
Through sound
Unstruck. Unstuck
Bit loose
Not broken
Still love
Unstuck. Unstruck
Hear cock
In mornsong
No bell
No hell
Release. A sheath
This corn’stone
With garden
Ungrow. Unsow
And so …
And so …
in between timed;
in-between friend.


Comment by Quantum of Solace

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faery white
– and –
faery snow,
faery pink and faery glow;
smock of lady,
wee folks of peace,
butterfly baby,
tipped orange, release:
faery white
– and –
faery snow,
cuckoo sing and flower grow !

Comment by g-nome zeit geist

Thank you for your note
accompanying the return
moment. Caught on the Lords’
terrace at the Palace
– yesterday –
tea-straining ebb and flow
as ye old(e) Father Thames
passed through, as above so below:
[…] current, strong and steady, rain
cloud paused for breath.
Of course, the gift remains given now
regardless, with all due respect –
a generation lost, a generation found.

Comment by w complements

with him,
I am, whole;
with you,
I am, (un)whole:
may virtual hollows
thus thrice removed
both lost and found
complete (h)our hole


Comment by sov(e)reign commission

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Comment by (un)echo SOFAR

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