aporia pidgeon

easter elgg (un)limited
March 21, 2008, 7:20 am
Filed under: aporia green, aporia work

from end:

towards beginning;

through end; and

with beginning

may virtual hollows,

thus thrice removed,

both lost and found,

complete our (w)hole


spring from winter, II


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found it first! (this is one isn’t it?)

Comment by panda

more than one at least: it looks nested

Comment by p wittgenstein

But all nests are still in the one egg/elgg/whatever

Comment by GoodChap

not necessarily – that would mean our pidgeon putting them all into the one basket – and that would be risky

Comment by anon

Ah, in deed !

Comment by GoodChap

guess best keep hunting then

Comment by panda

and hopefully getting this far will count for some sort of prize too (?)

Comment by anon

of course – guest of honour at our next official (last) supper at least !

now, well done – and thank you – and just keep on going please …

Comment by aporia pidgeon

Hmm – not sure if that’s much of a “prize” – lest we remember to try keeping that cup clean as poss this time round – dishwasher or no dishwasher

Comment by Tomas

will do our best – still being classified as vermin in some quarters as compared to differently colo(u)red dove

Comment by aporia pidgeon

By the way, shouldn’t we have made our meal of this yesterday?

Comment by GoodChap

couldn’t do yesterday, so we swapped it for today

Comment by p wittgenstein

no probs – can sync with shared (google) calendar

Comment by root

great! now can coincide in (4+1) dimensions, and can always try twitter

Comment by anon

personally prefer cooing to twittering, for the time being, if that’s okay with everyone?

Comment by aporia pidgeon

fine with us dear heart, emergenomics notwithstanding 😉

Comment by aporia works

much obliged 🙂

Comment by aporia pidgeon

[…] complete our (un)Whole […]

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