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March 25, 2008, 1:43 pm
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deep magic begins here …


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so uncle D’s (re)founded the swift egg – always the Master 😉

Comment by Buy Indian

yep – nice one !

Comment by aporia pidgeon

then there be that dragons egge founding the ashmolean says alice – ARG expansion release (re)set for labour-of-love day – no breaking eggsistentialism rules, ok? (really mean it this time …)

Comment by root

are numpties being envisaged as humpty-dumpties, or would that be at risk of (un)posing a category error?

Comment by p wittgenstein

humpty dumpties don’t have their ears marked (and personally prefer to eat shoots and leaves, if that’s still okay with everybody)

Comment by panda

free m(a)y suns –
drink m(a)y peace

Comment by kk

sorry, have we just been spammed?

Comment by panda

nope – that was legit: kurmanadi picking up on your pork barrel ref thru dharma-megha; still friendly me thinks

Comment by root

we hope !

Comment by aporia pidgeon

for your eyes only, blondie
need to know

these files are protected by quine
the pass word for each is null

begin by accessing loves’ labours won
and kindly follow instructions, then
text in pidgeon to confirm receipt
using sim accompanying this key

these files m(a)y not self-destruct
but Will become viral if pass word
is left (un)protected; timer starts now

bon chance mon ami

Comment by natasha (47)

Ahh Natasha ! We shall listen very carefully – you m(a)y say this only once (even if some of us are still in beta – hint, hint?) Royal snail mail trails again no doubt … m(a)y as well put the kettle on

Comment by Polly

comment # (5^3 + 1)

“it was love all, it’s now (prime mover) advantage pidgeon, with pidgeon to serve: match point, for the semi-s … uuh, sorry, is there anyone here for tennis? or are y’all just here to lap up the eton mess’? … and it’s all over – game, set, and match – (un)seeded pidgeon is clearly over the n-w moon ! – what a season this is turning out to be …”

… that’s all folks, merry AARG expansion !

ps – poly didn’t really put the kettle on – we’re all using Tefal Quick Cups these days – far more environmentally friendly, and you can filter hot or cold – and this is not some cheap product placement either, it’s sheer word of mouth – thanks for the PG tips, master balk 😉

Comment by sukey

[…] (though can you imagine even attempting to hold a decent racket in this state … ? oh my dear AARG – the things they’ve got me doing already … […]

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