aporia pidgeon

widening forms of participation
April 17, 2008, 5:04 pm
Filed under: aporia evaluability, aporia index, aporia work

Aporia cf. pidgeon

lebenswelt pairwise index from alpha to alpha d’arkhe (re)climate change:

A/A* ; B/B* ; C/C* ; D/D* ; E/E* ; F/F*; Green/Green* ; Help/Help* ; Intervention/Intervention* ; Jupiter/Jupiter* ; Kurmanadi/Kurmanadi* ; Labours/Labours* ; Menrva/Menrva* ; Natasha/Natasha* ; Ommision/Ommision* ; PCaW-PiT/PCaW-PiT* ; Questing/Questing* ; Route66(+)/Route66(+)* ; Skanda/Skanda* ; Tea/Tea* ; Umbilical/Umbilical* ; Vi-al/Vi-al* ; Will/Will* ; X-in-confidence/X-in-confidence* ; Y-in-chromosome/Y-in-chromosome* ; Zebra-crossing/Zebra-crossing* ; aporia/aporia*

data classification: need to know


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FOI requests pending st. george making friends with puff dragon on 23rd – no slaying in the den – damsel’s care of big brother on the record

now, back to celebrating that last leg of the flame via eLite passage … ode to being a wee pidgeon 😉

Comment by aporia pidgeon

would hope that this would be regarding widening forms of participation in the higherness of higher education (rather than trying to fob us off with missed understandings of hireness en masse)

it’s only that in my much preferring to eat shoots and leaves, when others sequence me in with that extra pause, for example, as if by way of some occidental typo, it really does render me pretty scarey-like, that’s all

ho hum

Comment by panda

thanks panda – noted – next stop emergenomics it is then …

Comment by aporia pidgeon

[…] the record, this aporia work and its derivatives have been emergenomically rated 47, XYY and so m(a)y contain some material only otherwise accessible (as at the time of posting) on written […]

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