aporia pidgeon

where has aporia pidgeon come from?
June 3, 2007, 4:13 pm
Filed under: aporia census, emergent, introduction

aporia is a pathfinding vehicle for social enterprise

aporia is a member of the emerge community at http://emerge.elgg.org/aporia

it is not possible to post comments in relation to aporia as part of the emerge community website without being logged on as a member of the emerge community and, at this stage, membership of the emerge community is closed

however, aporia has also been emerging as a community itself, with members – and potential members – who are effectively not regarded as members of the immediate emerge community

therefore, aporia pidgeon is here to open up the dialogue between aporia community members who are not members of the emerge community, but who may wish to be able to post comments on the issues being raised

in addition, emerge community members are also free to access aporia pidgeon and post comments either here or via the emerge community website

importantly, emerge community members may employ aporia pidgeon as a go-between in order to help anonymise their comments to be fed back indirectly to the emerge community

these emerge community members may not otherwise feel that they have the expressive privacy required in order to voice such potential concerns

or indeed, aporia pidgeon may be employed in other ways that are themselves emergent

in this sense, aporia is cultivating a research through social enterprise approach, and aporia pidgeon is but one carrier of this research (if not quite as a research career)

so welcome to the grass roots – and hope this helps !